Must-Ask Questions Before Getting A Virtual Assistant

What is an entrepreneur’s first thought when they find their workloads too much to handle? For many, they might think, “I need to hire more people.” But there’s a slight problem with this. Getting and taking care of in-house staff members is quite a costly endeavor. Many new business owners don’t realize this until the time comes that they have to handle the payrolls, taxes, and several other headaches.

One way to go around this is to hire a virtual assistant instead.

But before going to Google and searching for a freelancer or a virtual personal assistant company, there are a few questions to ask one’s self before finally deciding to be a VA’s client:

What Kind Of Work Is The Virtual Assistant Needed For?

Will it be clerical tasks such as scheduling appointments, checking emails, paperwork, and data entry, among others? Or will it be something related to marketing or content creation? In any case, it’s important to determine first what kind of tasks will be delegated to someone else. This will help narrow down the kind of VA that is required for the job.

A specialized freelancer can be useful if they will be dedicated to only one or a few types of jobs. But for businesses that need to source out a wider variety of tasks (for example: graphic design, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, etc.), it might be easier for them to head straight for a virtual assistant agency. The VA firm will provide them the most suitable candidates and form a customized team that will serve the client.

Do They Need To Make Any Schedule Adjustments?

Another way to phrase this question is this: Does the scope of the work require the virtual assistant to change their working hours? It might be better to take a good look at the tasks first. A type of job that makes schedule changes a necessary evil, for instance, is live chat or voice support. If it is something such as search engine optimization or web content writing, then it might not be as needed.

In addition, it should be taken into consideration that many virtual assistants are not so easy to agree with irregular or graveyard shifts. Others may ask for a compromise. But there are the chosen few that are completely willing to adjust their hours. In the end, this will still depend on the kind of work being outsourced.

How Will The VA’s Work Be Monitored?

Sometimes it is not enough to know that the virtual assistant will be doing their job. Both client and VA may sometimes need to keep track of the time spent on the project. Time management can help improve productivity.

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