Best Way to Gauge Tech Buying Intent and Its Multiple Benefits

In today’s business world, competition is rife. Every company is always thinking of new ways, methods/techniques to generate profits. For the same, you need to have customer data, which will give your company a great advantage and the competitive edge when investing in marketing campaigns. In this article, let us first focus on the best way to gauge Tech Buying Intent and its Multiple Benefits.

Intent Data

The name “Intent Data” is self-explanatory. But for starters, it is behaviour information collected about various online activities of a customer. They can be taken note of, and influenced to purchase products or opt for services by a Company.

Best Way to Gauge Tech Buying Intent

Let us imagine, you are an entrepreneur with a business dealing with technical products or technical services. Your Company is already well-entrenched in the market and have a set of loyalists for the products/services. It is well-understood, before purchasing a product or opting for a service, your consumer’s decisions will tend to get influenced by marketing campaigns or reading reviews. They convey their pre-purchasing decisions via various activities such as posting comments on social media platforms and forums. This information, when compiled, gets transformed to massive data. However, this technical intent data can be properly divided into various stages with analytical platforms, marketing automation and other techniques to determine the customer’s purchase decision or asking for a service.

There are many types of tech buying intent and you need to select the perfect type for your business. For example, the most popular technology lists are as follows -

IBM Users List
NetSuite Users List
List of Companies using Office 365
VMWare Customers Database

And more.

You need to select the type of technology intent that is in tandem with your business. Please note, selecting the right intent can bring about the best returns for your company.

Benefits of Buying Tech Lists

A. Knowledge about Purchasing Stages

Two decades ago, the sales revolved around old marketing tactics, and providing information on existing products to customers. The sales department would have limited information on the customer’s purchasing behaviour. Your sales team used to wait for the customer to fill a form to identify sale decisions. With intent, it has become easy to uncover the purchasing movement stages of a customer.

B. Marketing Campaigns

In the old methods, it is only after investing in marketing campaigns; you could get insights about customer engagement.

By making use of this data, you can gain insights into the new technologies preferred in your industry, investment areas and purchasing stages of customers. This will help you recognize fresh marketing opportunities. Since you can gain minute details of your customer’s behaviour, you can find it easy to design new products, or bring about changes in services. Your sales team can design the perfect marketing strategy to reach the target audience and ensure success in lead generation.

C. Reduce Changes in Your Loyalists’ Behaviour

There was a time, when rival companies used to poach their competitor’s Star Employees. These days, every company in industry is interested in gaining new customers. Even, if it means poaching their rival companies’ loyal customers. By making use of the intent, you can determine the signals which signify a decrease in sales of a particular product or service of your company. The Sales Team can then takes alternative solutions by identifying the needs of respective customer and retain customers.


Selling a product to the customers or making a prospect opt for your company’s service has become a challenge in this has become a huge challenge in every industry. Selecting the best list among tech intent can make your marketing team understand the present buying thoughts, requirements and sensibilities of not only the loyal customers, but also new consumer prospects. You can gain valuable insights of the existing and new customer’s buying journey.

Unlike the traditional marketing campaigns, which may cost more, the tech intent list prepared usually contains information about customers who are reliable and responsive. The data can help your company achieve a hike in sales, boost the marketing performance and get the best results in marketing campaigns.

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How to Improve Your Content Marketing

Improving your content can grow your email list, because it gives more opportunities for your audience to sign up. Plus, you will be giving them a reason to sign up by delivering excellent content that’s targeted toward their needs.

Add Multiple CTAs

Don’t just put a box on the right side-bar asking for people to sign up for your newsletter. That isn’t enough. Now you need to add CTAs in numerous areas to get their attention and increase sign-up rates. Put one under each post, on the right side-bar, in a lightbox and inside content with content upgrades.

Create Content Upgrades

A terrific and effective way to get more sign-ups is to be more specific by adding content upgrades to the content you offer free. You can do this within a blog post, within articles you publish on LinkedIn, and as a guest writer. A content upgrade is information that helps clarify and make the content the audience is reading more useful. For example, a free MS Excel chore chart template with an article on how to get your family to share chores would make an excellent upgrade.

Cross-Promote Your Content

When you publish content anywhere, have a plan on how you’ll promote the content across all channels. This makes your content better because it looks more cohesive. For example, if you write a blog about eating less sugar, you might share recipes on Pinterest that use less sugar, and videos of recipes on Facebook that use less sugar too.

Tweak Titles

If your content is not getting clicked on, you can’t get sign-ups. So, make sure your titles are compelling enough to get people to click through. Don’t trick them, though. Be straightforward but clear about what’s inside the content with the titles.

Remember to Add Appropriate Headers

When people read online, they need a lot more white space than when reading on paper. Add headers that tell them what’s inside the next paragraph so that they can be propelled to keep reading more.

Use the Right Keywords

If you’re not sure what good keywords are, study more about the proper use of keywords so that you can improve SEO. Search engine optimization is important for building your list because that’s how people will find your content in a search.

Use a Lightbox Pop-Up to Gate Your Content

You don’t want to turn readers away, but you do want to maximize the potential of the viewer signing up. Add a lightbox pop-up to your website so that it waits a bit, then pops up asking for a sign-up to continue reading. Make it optional so that they can X out of it if they don’t want to sign up.

Deliver on Your Promises

When people do sign up, remind them of where they signed up, why they signed up, and what you will be sending them. Then deliver on those promises. More people will want to open your email messages if they find them valuable.

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5 Tips to Maintain an Automatic Screw Feeder Machine

Today, almost all digital businesses use automatic screw feeding machines. If you have these machines, make sure you take the right steps to maintain them. In this guide, we are going to talk about a few tips to help you maintain your machine. This will help extend the life of the units. Read on to find out more.

1. Find the source of Vibrations

If you hear noise from the milling cutter, disconnect the unit and inspect it from all angles. In most cases, this is the only thing that you can do to identify the source of the problem.

2. Power off the Machine after each use

After each use, don’t forget to turn off the unit. This will help you avoid dealing with any clutter once you have used the machine.

3. Shield the Cutters

Don’t forget to shield the top and bottom cutters. If you want to store the unit for a couple of weeks or months, you should unload the cutters. Similarly, wiping the pops again is important before you use the machine again.

Also, you should take proper precautions while using the systems. This will keep you and the unit safe.

4. Clean and Maintain the Device

You should clean the apparatus to ensure it’s free of dust. If you don’t clean it properly, the device won’t give its best performance. In fact, not cleaning the device may cause damage to the spindle control.

5. Lubricate the Machine

You can use jojoba oil for cleaning some components of the unit. For instance, you can try this oil to clean the rod and bearing. Aside from this, all of the loose parts should be tightened on a regular basis.

Now, let’s discuss some of the primary benefits of these machines.

1. Low Cost

First, these units don’t cost a lot of money. Therefore, you can purchase them even if you don’t have a lot of spare money.

2. Fast

These units are quite fast, which means one machine can do the job of several men. For instance, if you get a simple machine, it can be as good as four people. Therefore, you can save a lot of money over the long haul.

3. Low-Maintenance

It’s easy to keep an automatic screw feeding machine. There is no need to disassemble the unit just because you need to clean it. You just need to perform some basic oiling, dusting, and cleaning.

4. User-Friendly

The parts of these machines are user-friendly. Once you have turned on the device, you just need to keep an eye on the digital display. There is no learning period and you can learn to operate these machines in a few minutes.

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